Second-Hand Dizzywood Accounts

If you are a Dizzywood member who doesn’t use your account anymore, we would appreciate it if you could add your name and password to the comment box below.

For those of you who can’t make an account for whatever reason, you can borrow one of the following accounts. Please be careful with them, remember to obey the rules and care for the account.


xx ilussionGirl xx


NOTE: Please obey the rules to keep these accounts from getting banned. Do not type in any websites or email addresses, No swearing and No giving out personel details. Also, do not bully other players. Thankyou.

 If the usernames and passwords don’t work, try copying and pasting them into the boxes instead of typing them.

USERNAME: 1DizzyDude1

PASSWORD: dizzywood






77 responses to “Second-Hand Dizzywood Accounts

  1. Lauren / ( this is my user name ) PonysRcool

    I have an old acount from cub penguin But I forgot the password. But luckly I wrote it down some where so I give it to u latter !

  2. hi i want a dizzywood account plese i dont have one my parents wont let me have one so i was hoping some one of you will give me one

  3. Wow… Thanks so much. Dizzywood is so fun!
    But, does anyone have a girl Dizzywood account I can use?

  4. Username: firegem
    Password: yayme1

    I don’t need it any more but I still play on a differrent acount.

  5. i have one called freezey its a her and she doesent have anythin cos i created her but dint want her so never used her heres the details


  6. heres another account that only sometimes i go on to

    i go on it only sometimes so u can do watever u want with it just dont bann it cuz it was my first dizzywood account ever!!

  7. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    Hi I have an old account but I have only had it for about one or two weeks.

    Password: Funky
    Username: Coolie_Girlie

  8. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    Hi my brother has an old boy account but it is only a couple of weeks old.

    Password: Coolie
    Username: Rocking_Dude

  9. HI :p I have an old account I dont use anymore

    Username: Firegem
    Password: yayme1


  11. Maybe you should let people know to tell you when they take an account. That way nobody logs in and sees theyre coins gone, or somthing they didnt buy in their inventory.

  12. Yeah, let them tell you when there gonna use the account, even though- nevermind i forgot what i was going to say…….hmmmm… check out my site

  13. im usin 1dizzydude1 and both laurens
    plz tell me when u use freezey she is mine and i have got her a few coins

  14. lauren your paswords dont work for your account

  15. lauren i wont use your accounts until u have told us the correct pass

  16. if someone is usein my account freezey plz tell me

  17. is there anymore acounts i can use plz and can they be girls

  18. hi ive got an account



  19. its a girl by the way and if u treat the account wrong i will take it off

  20. I have two extra accounts they are both girls the passwords for both is tigers

    the names are PirateThief and DragonPirateThief

  21. I have two extra accounts they are both girls the passwords for both is tigers.

    the names are PirateThief and DragonPirateThief

  22. if you use them plz tell me. and plz do not buy anything stupid or weird

  23. I have extra accounts that are girls.

    Username- DragonPirateThief

    Password- tigers


    password- tigers

  24. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    If my passwords dont woprk then read them and try again !!!!

  25. im usin all of em and my friends use them aswell

  26. If anyone uses my accounts ( my name is also Extra accounts) plz tell me!

    And the reason I had like three messages about it was because the computer said it didn’t put them on here even though it did. so sorry about the confusion!

  27. Plz be carful with my account,and plz dont give away personal details or swear i beg u.I will give u more accounts later,here are the details.

    thanks everyone!
    x x x

  28. teete im useing one of your accounts in case u wanted to know

  29. anyone who uses my account is not allowed to change the hair style! they can change the hair color but not the style!

  30. anyone who has a problem with that then do not use them because I do not like the blue weird hair style left on Pirate thief

    I will leave th style that I like on her

    Sorry if I sound bossy but I really only like the normal hair styles like the pony tail, pig tail, and down style!

  31. I love the outfit and hair I gave to Pirate Thief so if you go on her plz at least don’t change her hair!

  32. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    ( are u talking about me ? well any way) SORRY !!!!

    I thought the plaits looked cool ( if thats what u were talking about )

  33. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    Alixmoo your account doesent work !!!!

  34. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    Sorry I got my password wrong its


  35. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    If u are useing one of my accounts can u please tell me ?

  36. Lauren ( PonysRcool )

    My girl account is


  37. hi illusiongirl i love this site it`s the best site i have ever seen

  38. it is amazing1 and about one of my earlier comments how do you get to rockworld?

  39. omg ive seen you on dizzywood illusiongirl and u look fabulous it`s like your the fashion expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. oh and p.s. i love your hair!!!!!!!


  42. i know someone is usin my account freezey so could they tell me who cos i really wanna know

  43. and plus i use freezey swell s thats incase you dont know whoever uses my acoount and can u plz tell me who uare

  44. Hi me and my little brother is giving a account away but i still use mine and he still use his somtimes so here. Username:dizzyboy700 password:apa123 Username:dizzygirl300 password: abby123 so hope u like dizzyboy and dizzygirl.

  45. hi people i’ll use some of ur accounts is that okey i’ll give u zap levitashon invisabilty gostray is that ok just say ok

  46. Ok heres another boy account and girl: password:abby123 user name:gandapogi thats a girl password:abby123 username:girldizzy500 here is the boy my brother use him a lot so dont get me and him banned here username:pogigand password:apa123 Hope u like me my name is dizzygirl300 gandapogi girldizzy500 hope some of u or all u be friens whith meeeeeeeeeee bye …. :”)

  47. HI POPLE and aa aa aa a aa a cannnn i i work here or not?

  48. Mine Is WEFSOJKE
    PASSWORD 12345Q

  49. Gandapogi dont work anymore she got ban forever sorry. Also i changed dizzygirl’s passowrd so here.Password:dizzygirl.

  50. Hi i just have one acount but i dont want anyone using it cause i like the name too much it’s Mizuki888 and plz do not copy that name i beg u!!!!! plz!!!

  51. hebe (WildWolfgirl)


  52. jonasbrothersgurl


    _get more free accounts at:

  53. hey just updating my usernames!

    I did not like the outfits and hair styles left on pirate thief all the time, so I changed her password. DragonPirateThief’s password is still tigers. i just gave the other account to my friend, and she uses it every day.

  54. don’t change any of the outfits on my accounts plz! Thx!

  55. I have a second-hand dizzywood account.
    Username: FunGuy535
    Password: boy535
    and if the password doe not work its
    (and yes its a boy)

  56. if that doesn’t work it

  57. gandapogi works again thank you :))))))))

  58. Hey dizzygirl300!,
    I wanted to ask u could i please please have your girl account?The girl abby123 i love her so much!i dont have an account but could u please send me your email so u can change the password bc i dont want anybody to know it thanks so much hope to see u in dizzywood im so happy !

  59. Who gandapogi or girldizzy500????????????????????????????????????????????????????????///

  60. hey, I really don’t like the hairstyles and especially the hair left on both of the accounts I have, so if anyone is wondering why the passwords have changed, it is because of hair styles and clothes I don’t like. The passwords
    for both accounts is


    if anyone puts the weird hair or clothes on I will change the passwords again!

  61. I have another account!

    Username: Gurl240

    Password: 123girl

  62. ummmmmmmm who uses freezey cos shes mine and well i wanna know who uses her

  63. Does anyone have a gold explorer account?

  64. Cause my friend needs a girl account (doesnt have to be gold account)

  65. Gurl240’s new password is blueby

  66. umm who uses Gurl240 and FunGuy535?

  67. hey, I am giving my main account to anyone who wants her. Her name is DragonPirate and her password is tigers. Anyone who wants her tell me and she is yours.( i dont use her anymore, but she has alot of really good clothes and everything)

  68. hey, i changed DragonPirate’s password. Its tigers11.

  69. hi my friend doesnt have a dizzywood account but she wants one can somone give there old account with rare cloths?

  70. hey, I am really unhappy about the hair and clothes on my accounts. I am changing every one of the passwords and not give them to anyone. Sorry, but I am starting to go on them again.

  71. actualy, never mind Here is the password for all three:

  72. I am furious at the outfi on DragonPirate. her password is changed and nobody will ever get it from me.



    P.S there is no caps

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