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Secret Envelope

Many Dizzywood users think that playing the magic mystery wagon is the only way to win free stuff… well they are wrong. There is a secret envelope in the Tanglevine Jungle across the stream. Once collected, the envelope can not be opened straight away; you must wait one hour for the seel to be wear off. After an hour you can open up the envelope and inside you will find a prize. Usually, you will start off winning emotes and moves and stuff like that but after several times you will begin to win items, like skateboards. The best part is that you can go back to the same place to get another envelope each hour instead of waiting until the next day!

Secret Envelope Location

Secret Envelope Location


Canal City

Lately, I have seen many mysterious scetches of a new under-water town called Canal City that is going to be in Dizzywood. In the town there will be a train station, a clock plaza, a neighborhood, a city raceway and city sewers. It is unpredictable whether this new city will be accessable in a month, a year, or three years but we hope all those hard-working Dizzywood employees will get it done as soon as they can!

Canal City Neighbourhood

Canal City Neighbourhood